Consulting Services


In today’s communication-driven world businesses like yours need to seize every opportunity to increase competitiveness through the intelligent use of IT systems.

Through the most appropriate deployment of IT within your company you can gain real advantages over your competitors. With a business-focused approach to IT provision, it is possible to enhance your products and services, making your organisation more effective, reduce expenditure and increase productivity.

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, without a full understanding of what options are available and how they apply to your business, it is easy to make costly mistakes.

Our extensive experience and access to specialised IT partners ensure you find the most appropriate solution for your business. Whether it is a cost recovery requirement, document management solution, a print solution or software integration need, ABT has the knowledge and experience to see the project through.

Consulting Services

Our consultants will help you establish your requirements, evaluate your existing systems and workflow, and recommend improvements.

ABT offers an extensive range of the following consultative services including:

  • Print solutions
  • Application Integration
  • Training
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Cost Recovery Solutions
  • Document Workflow Analysis
  • Cost Recovery Analysis
  • Solution Design
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Scanning Solutions
  • Solution Integration and Implementation