Data Security

What’s Data Security?

Data security encompasses the process of safeguarding information from unauthorized access and potential data disasters throughout its entire lifecycle. It involves employing practices such as data encryption, tokenization, and robust key management to protect data across various applications and platforms.

Why Data Security Matters?

Businesses worldwide are making substantial investments in information technology (IT) cybersecurity capabilities to safeguard their critical assets. Whether an organization needs to protect customer data, intellectual property, brand reputation, or ensure the security of critical infrastructure, effective incident detection and response to protect organizational interests invariably involve three core elements: technology, processes, and people.

Data Security Solutions

Micro Focus stands at the forefront of data security solutions, boasting more than eighty patents and over fifty years of experience. With advanced data encryption, tokenization, and key management capabilities designed to secure data across applications, transactions, storage, and large data platforms, Micro Focus simplifies the protection of sensitive information even in the most complex scenarios.

print security
Print security

Understanding user device security and the Printer On Enterprise solution

Extensive measures have been implemented to ensure a high level of security when using the Printer On mobile applications for Android and iOS. This comprehensive approach covers both on-device storage and network security.

The Printer On mobile application securely stores user accounts and related information using a combination of operating system-specific security features and PrinterOn-specific enhancements. On both Android and iOS devices, PrinterOn encrypts device-specific data using a sophisticated algorithm to obscure the information before storing it in OS-specific storage. On iOS, this data is stored within the Apple-designed Keychain, known for its robust encryption methods.

Account information, on the other hand, is encrypted and stored using vendor-recommended secure storage methods, such as the iOS Keychain. In addition to leveraging OS-specific security features, PrinterOn applies its encryption measures before storing data within the OS’s secure encrypted services, providing a double layer of protection.

Secure Your Network with the Most Advanced HP Printers

HP printers are designed to help you mitigate risks, improve compliance, and safeguard your network from end to end.

Key Security Features:

1) Built-in Encryption: Protects data stored on the hard drive, and offers secure erase functionality for the easy removal of sensitive information.

2) Secure Device Disposal: Ensures secure data disposal when devices reach the end of their life cycle, preventing data leaks.

3) Port and Protocol Management: Disables ports and protocols to prevent unauthorized access, enhancing network security.

4) Administrative Access Controls: Safeguard unit settings through administrative access controls, limiting unauthorized changes.

5) Compliance Certification: HP industry printers are certified as compliant with globally recognized security standards, offering peace of mind.

6) Embedded Security: Embedded security features detect and prevent attacks in real-time, with enterprise equipment capable of immediate recovery.

7) FutureSmart Firmware: HP FutureSmart Firmware ensures investment protection by providing ongoing security updates.

Security Insights for Shared Printing Environments:

  • Unsecured printers pose a significant cybersecurity risk to the entire network.
  • Users can manipulate device settings, access sensitive data, or send scanned documents without proper safeguards.
  • Confidential print jobs left uncollected can lead to security breaches or noncompliance, potentially compromising customer data.
  • Mobile workers need the flexibility to print securely from anywhere.
hp printer
HP secure printers
Hp Print security

Discover World-Class Secure Printing Solutions with HP

HP’s range of business printers, spanning from Pro to Enterprise models, provides proactive protection against potential attacks and ensures your system’s security.

Key Security Measures Include:

  • Startup Integrity Validation: The startup process validates the integrity of the operational code.
  • Firmware Security: Only authentic and approved HP firmware is loaded during the firmware update, enhancing system security.
  • Runtime Protection: HP products continually monitor and prevent unexpected changes to memory during operation.

Implement HP JetAdvantage Security Manager to instantly validate security settings across your entire fleet, ensuring compliance with configuration policies. HP Enterprise printers offer integrated security features that enable them to respond to security threats in real-time, providing immediate self-repair capabilities.

Enhance Data Security with Sharp MFPs
Safeguard your organization’s critical and confidential data assets using Sharp’s comprehensive, multi-layered security approach, which encompasses a robust set of standard security features alongside recommended Data Security Kits (DSKs).

This comprehensive security approach not only protects but also governs the primary Multi-Function Device (MFD) systems and subsystems, including functions such as printing, copying, scanning, faxing, network connectivity options, memory components, and the local PC interface.

Key Features Include:

Advanced Data Encryption: Sharp employs the powerful 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm to encrypt all data before it is written to RAM and the hard drive, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure.

Overwriting Sessions: To further enhance data security, Sharp MFPs allow for multiple overwriting sessions, up to seven times, making it virtually impossible for unauthorized users to retrieve any overwritten information.

End-Of-Lease Assurance: Sharp includes an End-Of-Lease feature that guarantees the complete erasure of all data before the MFD is returned or control is relinquished, providing peace of mind throughout the device’s lifecycle.

Protect your valuable data assets with Sharp’s multi-layered security, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your organization’s sensitive information.


Sharp Print security

Data Security: The World’s Foremost and Highest-Rated MFPs

Data security is a fundamental aspect of MFP and printer security. Sharp MFPs offer standard and optional security features that safeguard data both when it’s stored on the device and during transmission.

  1. Information Encryption When data encryption is enabled on a Sharp MFP, it employs the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm with a 256-bit encryption key for data both in transit and before it’s written to the device’s RAM, hard drive, or solid-state drive.
  2. Data Overwrite Sharp MFPs employ a programmable overwrite process, which can be configured to overwrite data on the device’s hard drive approximately ten times using random characters. This highly secure data overwrite method can be customized to align with the specific security requirements of each organization.
  3. End of Lease Procedures When a device is retired, Sharp’s document management systems provide standard End-of-Lease options to ensure that all confidential data is thoroughly overwritten before the device leaves the facility, safeguarding sensitive information.
  4. Networking Security Sharp MFPs feature an intelligent network interface, effectively acting as a firewall. This interface can restrict access to specific computers on the network by MAC or IP address, offering selective control over enabling or disabling specific processes or network ports on each device.

By implementing these robust security measures, Sharp MFPs bolster data protection, providing peace of mind in an era where data security is paramount.