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Intuitive CRM with built-in engagement prompts. A customisable and comprehensive system to manage contacts and client communication. Sales and marketing managers make the switch to CKC because they want to be able to understand who their prospects and clients are; see what products they use; and keep people engaged and satisfied.


Delinquent detection – our patented ‘delinquent detection’ feature means you’ll never neglect a client again.

Flexible management – host on your server to manage your own data or access in the cloud.

Data gathering – detailed search functionality helps you gather data for business decisions & communications.

Segmentation – easily keep track of client interactions and segment by region or attributes.

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Nexus suite software
Nexus Suite


A digital business that’s simple, secure and systematic Will transform the value your IT systems deliver by using software that actually makes it easier to meet strategic business goals, enhance productivity and reduce costs. Business technology goes beyond moving everything to the cloud. It’s about solving problems in enterprising ways that make it easier for your business to adapt, grow and prosper.


Give your team greater flexibility – our software lets your team harness mobile technology to work with more flexibility and autonomously.

Information and tasks easier to manage – digitise and manage your assets and content, and make information-sharing more fluid and automated.

Standardise, benchmark and improve – understand your risk, see what is driving or impeding growth, identify costs and opportunities, and then develop proactive strategies to improve your processes.