Training Services


ABT has developed a range of training services based on a training paradigm to include the understanding of your workflow and document requirements as they relate to your business. By defining the training need ABT can work together as partners to dramatically improve personal / team efficiency and overall business unit productivity.

Our experience shows that a major consideration when deploying new hardware or software is the review of staff training and education. If users are to accept, understand, recognise and learn the benefits available to them, and more importantly, use the equipment as ultimately proposed, they must be given the training and education necessary. Without this, the methodology and non-migration of mindset (along with higher running costs) may continue unabated.

Training Services
Training Services Abt

ABT has a dedicated team of trainers responsible for the development and implementation of work-based training programmes designed to meet the following business need:

  • A corporate training strategy: designed to meet the training requirements of your business in a form that is aligned with your current and future training and development programmes
  • Workgroup / Business centre training: tailored to meet the needs of individual departments based on existing workflow strategies or designed to facilitate the transition of workflow practices
  • Individual / Group training: designed to meet the requirements of an individual or small team to ensure the optimum utilisation of the hardware and software deployed.